Video cards for cat fans Colorfire GeForce RTX 40 Meow

Video cards for cat fans Colorfire GeForce RTX 40 Meow
Colorful, under its sub-brand Colorfire, has introduced the Meow series of GeForce RTX 40 graphics cards. The name itself implies that these devices are intended for cat lovers.

The graphics cards themselves do not feature cat images, but they do have paw print patterns. There is also a sticker with a cat image, but it's unclear if it will be included in the package.

Colorful has an entire backstory for its cat-themed graphics card series. According to the story, space cats created the graphics cards and established an advanced civilization beyond Earth, only to return home now.

In the Cyber City where people reside, they built the Advanced space probe to search for habitable planets beyond Earth. The probe's warm environment attracted stray cats and dogs, causing the probe to accidentally travel to a distant universe.

One of the orange cats accidentally touched the "evolutionary pistol," and the laser shot through all the cats and dogs, causing them to evolve into intelligent beings. The probe successfully arrived on a planet with an environment similar to Earth but was damaged due to an improper landing. They created a civilization on this barren planet. With the help of evolutionary tools, they also assisted many local animals in completing their evolution. Centuries later, their science and technology reached a level comparable to humans in the early 21st century, and they launched the "Return to Earth" program.

Currently, the manufacturer has showcased the RTX 4070 and RTX 4060 Ti Meow models. They stand out with their unique design but operate at reference frequencies.
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