Serial version of Chery Eastar 03

Serial version of Chery Eastar 03
Chery has unveiled the production version of the iCar 03 crossover, the concept of which was only shown in April of this year.

The number in the name indicates the class, and in this case, "03" indicates its belonging to the C-segment. The dimensions of the iCar 03 are 4200 x 1830 x 1700 mm with a wheelbase of 2700 mm. Chery positions it as an off-road vehicle with a blocky design, a high hood line, wide fenders, vertical running lights, and rear lights forming the letter "i."

Externally, the production car completely replicates the concept. The interior was concealed by dark panels during the presentation, and later it was revealed that it was not a fully functional car but a concept without a cabin and suspension system. Now, for the first time, the interior of the car has been revealed.

The car features a steering wheel with slightly truncated upper and lower parts, as well as buttons and a gear selector. Buttons responsible for door opening and wireless smartphone charging are visible on the door handles. Climate control is operated through an additional touch panel located in front of the front passenger. Presumably, the same can be done from the main approximately 15-inch screen.

The iCar 03 will be equipped with two electric motors, which will have a power equivalent to a 2.5-liter turbocharged engine. The iCar 03 EV will be available on the Chinese market in the fourth quarter of this year. The vehicle's range on a fully charged battery will exceed 500 km, and a version with a range of 1000 km is expected to be released later. It will feature the iCar Smart Cabin system with more than 20 sensors and 10 driving modes. The iCar 03 will offer Level L2+ autonomous driving capability, which does not allow removing hands from the steering wheel.

Production will begin in October, and the price will be just over $20,000.
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