Xbox Series X system Files will take up 200 GB

Xbox Series X system Files will take up 200 GB
The Xbox Series X boasts 1 TB of memory on paper, but only about 800 GB of it can be used after the console is set up.
Although new consoles always say that they offer a certain amount of storage, the specified number always does not take into account the default space that is required when configuring the system. The next-generation hardware in the Xbox Series X and PS5 is no different, and in the case of the former, it became Known how much storage space it will actually have available.

According to GameSpot, which already has an Xbox Series X, a 1TB disk installed on the console requires almost a fifth of that space for the main files attached to the console. A total of 198 GB of Xbox Series x is required for the platform operating system and other various files. This means that in fact, 802GB remains open for installing games and other apps that you can download. It is worth noting that the version of the console that is in the hands of GameSpot may not have been finalized yet, so these numbers may change by launch day.

In a sense, this was to be expected. As video games in General get bigger over time, it's not surprising that the overall Xbox Series X operating system will be bigger than the one everyone is used to.

On the other hand, it looks like the Series X might run out of space pretty damn fast. 800 GB is not much by modern standards, and as mentioned, if the size of games increases, this storage will decrease very quickly. Given that the expandable storage capabilities for the Xbox Series X and S also cost a staggering $ 220, it seems like we'll have to do more management than usual in this next generation.

The Xbox Series X and S should be released just over a month later, on November 10.
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