TSMC will be the only Apple A13 chip supplier in 2019

TSMC will be the only Apple A13 chip supplier in 2019
TSMC will be the only Apple A13 chip supplier

Taiwan semiconductor manufacturer TSMC intends to get all orders for A13 chips, which Apple will use in iPhones and other devices in 2019. According to supply chain sources, this will allow the company to strengthen its dominance in the contract chip manufacturing sector.

In the first half of 2018 TSMC has already captured 56% of global orders for the production of semiconductors. Due to the fact that TSMC will remain an exclusive supplier of A-series chips in 2019, the Taiwanese company has opportunity to bring its market share in the coming years beyond 60%. TSMC is the exclusive manufacturer of Apple a chips since 2016.

Moreover, the Integrated Fan-Out chip packaging technology developed by TSMC engineers at the plate level will make its 7nm process technology even more competitive compared to other contract manufacturers. InFO packaging allows you to overlay logical matrices on top of each other and then install them directly on the PCB. This packaging reduces the thickness of the motherboard.

Finally, it is expected that TSMC will be the first in the industry to master advanced production with the use of lithography in extreme ultraviolet - the first crystals for these 7N+ thechnology have reached the stage of tape out. Given the fact that Globalfoundries has abandoned the development of its 7-nm, the number of serious rivals TSMC decreased.
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