The Padrone EasySMX mouse ring

The Padrone EasySMX mouse ring
The Padrone EasySMX mouse ring

Swiss startup Padrone Design demonstrate in the course of the exhibition consumer Electronics Show (CES) in 2019 Las Vegas (Nevada, USA) a very special computer manipulator called EasySMX Ring Mouse.

The novelty is a special ring to be worn on the finger, designed to replace the traditional mouse. Thanks to the integrated sensors, the device recognizes the movements of the index and middle fingers and their tapping on the surface of the table. This simulates the movement of the mouse pointer, pressing the left and right buttons, as well as page scrolling.

Power is provided by the battery, which is said to last for a whole day of work. Charging is carried out wirelessly through a special station.

A Bluetooth connection is used to communicate with the computer. The unusual manipulator weighs only eight grams.

Currently we are raising funds to release the mouse-ring Mouse Ring EasySMX. Now the price is about $ 200.
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