The developer of Project CARS is engaged in the creation of "the most powerful console"

The developer of Project CARS is engaged in the creation of
The developer of Project CARS is engaged in the creation of "the most

Studio Slightly Mad, developer Need for Speed: Shift and project CARS series, creates its own powerful console called Mad Box.

According to Studio CEO Ian bell, it will be "the most powerful console ever created". Mad Box will support 4K resolution at 60 frames/s and full support for VR headsets with a frequency of 180 frames per second (90 frames/s per eye). Bell believes that the system will raise the bar of console games and go beyond the next generation of devices. "We're not playing. This system is beyond the next generation. For too long, subtle iterations were maintained. It's time to raise the bar significantly:)", — wrote the CEO Slightly Mad Studios.

Due to the fact that the company does not plan to produce the system as massively as other platform holders, the cost of Mad Box will be competitive with other consoles. However, Slightly Mad Studios assures that the device will be the best choice at the beginning of the life cycle of the next generation. In addition, the Studio is negotiating with NVIDIA and AMD on the application of artificial intelligence (ASIC AI) in games. "I won't say anything at this stage. We're planning a murderous thing, " bell wrote.

The first real Mad Box image will be published in about a month. Now Slightly Mad Studios revealed only the earliest concepts. Specification will also be announced later. "We don't use old maidens. We are now in talks to offer the very best [hardware] when the console comes out. Much is being considered, " bell wrote.

This is a very unexpected turn in the console market. Whether the video game developer will be able to compete with the major platform holders in this race, we will see in about three years.
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