The announcement of the Zen 2 will be held next week

The announcement of the Zen 2 will be held next week
AMD Zen 2

AMD has announced plans to hold an event called "Next Horizon" on November 6, at which it "will talk about innovations in its products and technologies created specifically for data centers on the leading 7-nm process technology".

At the moment, it is unknown what AMD will show at the upcoming event. The name of the event indirectly indicates that we are waiting for the announcement of Zen 2 architecture. At the last AMD event, which had the word "Horizon" in its name, Ryzen processors were announced and details about the Zen architecture were revealed. It was a new Horizon event in December 2016.

In addition to the new processor architecture, and possibly Epyc processors based on It, AMD may well present its new graphics processor Vega, made by 7-nm process technology. This GPU, as you know, will be the basis of Radeon Instinct computing accelerators, which are designed for data centers.

In any case, we can expect that in less than a week AMD will publish a lot of new details about its future products. As you know, AMD plans to release accelerators on 7-nm Vega before the end of this year, and the first 7-nm processors of the company should debut in the first quarter of 2019.
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