Sony tries to eliminate the shortage of PlayStation 5

Sony tries to eliminate the shortage of PlayStation 5
Sony is unable to ramp up production of the PlayStation 5 due to a shortage of semiconductors and other components. This was stated during a briefing by the financial director of the corporation Hiroki Totoki (Hiroki Totoki). He explained that Sony is making every effort to correct the situation.

Totoki also recalled that in terms of pricing, Sony sells PlayStation 5 consoles at a loss, because the cost of components is higher than the market price of the device. Journalists note that this may change in the future due to the optimization of production.

As ArsTechnica notes, this is standard practice for new gaming devices, because the losses are compensated by users ' spending on digital services and much more. For example, according to Sony, a PS Plus subscription is used by 87 % of PS5 owners. This source is likely to become one of the company's key revenue sources in the future.

In addition, the share of digital sales on the PlayStation is growing every year. In 2020, this figure reached 63 % of all video games on the platform. For comparison, in 2018 it was 43 %, and in 2019 — 55 %. In addition, Sony is still benefiting from the pandemic: in December 2020, users spent 30 % more time in games than in 2019.

Earlier, Sony published a report in which it shared the results of sales of the PlayStation 5. In less than two months, the company sold 4.5 million consoles. The PlayStation 4 achieved a similar result after its release.
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