Sony has confirmed work on a new generation of PlayStation console

Sony has confirmed work on a new generation of PlayStation console
Sony new generation of PlayStation

Sony is developing a new generation of gaming console. This became clear from the statement of the company's CEO, Kenichiro Yoshida, which he made in an interview with the Financial Times. However, the head of Sony did not go into details.

In an interview, Yoshida said about the need to release the "new generation of hardware". He didn't say that it will be a PlayStation 5, but our colleagues are sure that it was about the successor of the current PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro.

Over the past few years, gaming PCs have become more popular, especially with the development of eSports. In addition, the current console is quite similar to the PC in terms of architecture. The new consoles will likely also continue to use computer hardware, only of a new generation.

In addition, cloud services are now gaining popularity, allowing users to play even on a weak hardware, launching games on the capacities of remote servers. And they will clearly have an impact on the gaming industry. With this background rumors say that Sony can develop a console similar to the Nintendo Switch, which will work with the cloud service and does not require a powerful hardware, only a good Internet connection.

But most likely PlayStation 5 will be based on a single-chip AMD platform of the new generation. It will include a CPU with Zen architecture or newer versions of it, Zen 2 for example, and a new generation GPU, most likely Navi..

It's hard to say when exactly Sony can present a new generation of gaming console. According to analysts, this will not happen before the spring of 2020, but may have to wait until 2021.
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