SMIC has formed a stock of consumables for the year ahead

SMIC has formed a stock of consumables for the year ahead
Chinese contract manufacturer of semiconductor components SMIC is not officially included in the "black list" of unreliable companies, but the US authorities have already warned suppliers cooperating with this company that there are corresponding risks. SMIC itself has been preparing for possible sanctions since the beginning of the year, forming stocks of imported components and equipment.

Representatives of SMIC, as explained by the Nikkei Asian Review, prefer not to admit that the company has increased purchases of imported materials and lithographic equipment in order to form an "emergency reserve". The company's expenses, however, speak for themselves. Capital expenditures increased from $3.1 billion to $6.7 billion this year. SMIC's revenue last year did not exceed $3.12 billion, so the scale of EXPENSES is doubly impressive.

According to informed sources, SMIC has increased purchases of consumables and lithographic equipment over its current needs since the beginning of the year. One of the American equipment suppliers explained that the volume of orders from SMIC really increased, but now there are no guarantees that the counterparty will be able to fully fulfill its obligations if sanctions are imposed. SMIC supplies of imported SUPPLIES should be sufficient for approximately one year of operation in the current mode.

Chinese counterparts, according to industry representatives, lag behind foreign ones by one or two generations, so it will be difficult for SMIC to do without imported materials in the foreseeable future. The company even agreed with other Chinese consumers of this kind of goods to form a common stock in case of a "prolonged siege".

Recall that by the end of the year, SMIC expects to launch an experimental production line that will produce 40-nm products without using components and equipment of American origin. In three years, the company plans to master the "sovereign" production of 28-nm components. Industry experts believe that any Chinese company will not be able to do without imported materials and equipment in the production of semiconductor components for at least another ten years.
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