SK Hynix sells more SSDs

SK Hynix sells more SSDs
SK Hynix

SK Hynix published its report on the work in the third quarter of the calendar year 2018. The company's consolidated revenue for the reporting period amounted to 11.42 trillion won ($10 billion), operating profit reached 6.47 trillion won ($5.7 billion), and net profit amounted to 4.69 trillion won ($4.1 billion). Despite the stabilization of prices for DRAM chips and the fall in prices for NAND, revenue and operating profit of SK Hynix increased by 10% and 16% respectively for the quarter. Thus, all three key financial indicators of the company again reached new records: revenue, operating profit, and net profit.

DRAM deliveries in terms of capacity increased by 5% in the quarter. For this, the company thanks the seasonal effect of increasing demand for smartphones, as well as a consistently high demand for server memory. The average price of DRAM memory sales, however, increased by only 1%. The increase in demand for memory, as recognized in SK Hynix, promises to keep the price of memory from a sharp decline this year and next year.

NAND memory shipments for the quarter in terms of bits increased by 19 %, and the average selling price of flash memory chips decreased by 10 %. The company compensated this negative effect for the manufacturer by increasing the production of a denser NAND-flash, and by expanding the range of branded SSDS. In the third quarter, the company's SSD sales revenue significantly exceeded 20% of the revenue of the entire SK Hynix flash business. Also, the company received more than 20% of SSD sales in the direction of production of solid-state drives for corporate purposes.

The company sees the further development of DRAM and NAND production in the improvement of technological processes and in the stable mass production of new products. In particular, the second generation of the 10 nm (1Ynm) class workflow for DRAM release will be developed before the end of this year. The 96-layer 3D NAND will also be completed by the end of the year.
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