Samsung is developing a laptop with a flexible display

Samsung is developing a laptop with a flexible display
Samsung flexible display

It is no secret that Samsung is preparing to release a smartphone equipped with a flexible screen. The announcement of this device is expected in early November at the Samsung Developer Conference. In the future, as reported by network sources, the South Korean giant can start using flexible screens in other devices.

In particular, we are talking about portable computers. "As in the case of flexible smartphones, Samsung is working with display manufacturers to develop laptops with a flexible screen that will not just add up, but will create a qualitatively new user experience," the Korea Herald quotes Samsung's representatives.
Alas, to go into any details about the project in the company did not. But we can assume that we are talking about a portable computer, in which the entire inner surface will be a single screen, bent in the middle.

A Samsung laptop with a flexible display is unlikely to be released before next year. And even after the sale of such laptops will remain niche products because of its unusual and the price, which will be quite high.
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