OneDrive now supports Samsung Motion Photo and 8K video

OneDrive now supports Samsung Motion Photo and 8K video
Microsoft has just updated its OneDrive cloud service, adding support for playing Samsung Motion Photos and 8K videos on Samsung Galaxy S20, S21, and Note20 smartphones.

Until now, OneDrive could store such files, but not play them. In the case of Samsung Motion Photo, when a few seconds of video with audio is added to a still image, OneDrive used to only show the still image. Now you can relive these memories by replaying them in a web browser using You'll soon be able to play them in OneDrive for Android.

Back in July last year, Microsoft increased the maximum file size from 15 GB to 100 GB, and now OneDrive and SharePoint users will be able to upload files up to 250 GB in size. This innovation will be appreciated by users who need cloud storage for long-lasting 8K video files, large data sets and other information.

The app also features a new home screen design with quick access to recent files and a new "On this Day" section with photos taken in different years on a specific date.
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