NVIDIA will start supporting FreeSync

NVIDIA will start supporting FreeSync
NVIDIA will start supporting FreeSync

NVIDIA at CES 2019 has made an unexpected announcement that it will provide G-Sync support to multiple FreeSync monitors. This will save players from having to buy a display specially certified and released under the brand name of a leading manufacturer of graphics cards. Confirmed that 15 Jan 12 displays FreeSync will get compatibility with the G-Sync through the driver.

Adaptive synchronization technologies are designed to provide synchronous output to the monitor of frames drawn by the graphics accelerator — with minimal delays and without artifacts like breaks. The latter can significantly affect the perception of smoothness in demanding games.

But two competing implementations of the same idea, AMD FreeSync and NVIDIA G-Sync, have always been incompatible. This meant that NVIDIA cardholders had to buy special monitors with G-Sync support (usually significantly more expensive) to take advantage of these benefits. FreeSync, although formally open to everyone, has so far served as a de facto choice for AMD graphics accelerator owners.

Unfortunately, NVIDIA did not seem to think that most of the FreeSync monitors meet the standards of G-Sync. Executive Director Jen-Hsun Huang (Jensen Huang) said on stage during a presentation at CES 2019, although the company has tested more than 400 models, only 12 of them from Acer, Agon, AOC, ASUS & BenQ have satisfied its requirements. More than 100 displays are expected to be tested in the near future.
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