NoxPlayer emulator hacked

NoxPlayer emulator hacked
The Slovak company ESET, specializing in cybersecurity, has warned users of the popular NoxPlayer emulator, which allows you to run Android games on a PC.

Experts have revealed a new attack, the object of which was the NoxPlayer update mechanism. Cyberspecialists have discovered three types of malware aimed at spying on the users of the emulator.

ESET researcher Ignacio Sanmillan said:

Based on ESET telemetry, we saw the first signs of a hack in September 2020. At the end of January 2021, the activity became clearly malicious, after which we reported the incident to BigNox."

According to experts, the malware belongs to the class of spyware and is designed to collect data about members of the gaming community. Infection is carried out through the emulator update mechanism. Malware is downloaded when the user agrees to install a new version of NoxPlayer.

Sanmillan explained:

We have enough evidence to say that the BigNox developer infrastructure was hacked to host the virus software, and the application programming interface (API) could also have been compromised. The BigNox update program downloaded additional data from servers under the control of attackers."

Experts recommend removing the emulator program or performing a standard reinstall from a clean media. Those who have not updated for a long time should wait for the official notification of BigNox about the removal of the threat.

NoxPlayer is developed by Hong Kong-based BigNox and is designed to run Android applications on computers running Windows and Mac operating systems. The number of users of the emulator worldwide exceeds 150 million people.
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