New model PS4 Pro with 2 TB drive

New model PS4 Pro with 2 TB drive
PS4 Pro with 2 TB drive

Modern high-budget games take up more and more disk space. Microsoft and Sony offer consoles equipped with built-in storage capacity of 500 GB or 1 TB, but in the latter case, the space may not be enough to store the entire library of games. There are external storage options for both Xbox One and PlayStation 4, but it is optimal to have the most capacious built-in drive. Sony has announced a new version of PS4 Pro, which is designed to solve this problem.

According to the Japanese division of the PlayStation, soon PS4 Pro will receive a new version with a 2-TB hard drive. This isn't the first time the PS4 Pro 2TB comes out — not long ago, Sony released a limited edition anniversary 2TB HDD console to celebrate the 500 million PlayStation sales. In this case, we are talking about the usual versions of PS4 Pro, which can not but rejoice.

In The PlayStation blog, Sony announced that sales of the new 2-TB PlayStation 4 Pro will begin in Japan on November 21, 2018. This version will cost 44 980 yen (about $ 400). In other words, the cost is consistent with the standard 1-TB version of the PlayStation 4 Pro game console.

As soon as there will be this complete set outside Japan, it is not reported yet. This would be a very tempting offer for the Christmas season for anyone who wants to get their first PS4 or upgrade the base PS4 version to a more powerful version with support for 4K output.
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