MSI MEGA 390 Ace - light version of the flagship MSI MEGA 390 Godlike

MSI MEGA 390 Ace - light version of the flagship MSI MEGA 390 Godlike
MSI MEGA 390 Ace

In less than a week, on October 8, motherboard manufacturers will present products built on the new Intel z390 chipset. However, thanks to leaks, we already know quite a lot about the upcoming new products. And another leak reveals details about another MSI motherboard.

We are talking about the model MSI MEG Z390 Ace, which, in fact, is a bit lightweight and more affordable version of the flagship motherboard MEG Z390 Godlike. The differences lie both in the equipment and in the delivery set.

The main difference in the design is a simplified power subsystem, which has only 13 phases, while the model MEG Z390 Godlike has 18 phases. Also, the motherboard MEG Z390 Ace is equipped with a pair of 8-pin EPS connectors to power the processor, while the flagship model has an additional 6-pin.

The MEG Z390 Ace motherboard is equipped with only one Gigabit network controller, not two. Also, the younger model is deprived of a small OLED display, which is located to the right of the memory slots of the older MEG Z390 Godlike. Finally, the more affordable board has a few simplified radiators, and only one of the three slots is equipped with a radiator of the 2 Shield.

As for the complete set, together with the MEG Z390 Ace, only the external Wi-Fi antenna will be supplied, while the older MEG z390 Godlike will offer an extension fee with two additional slots, and even a video capture card.
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