Mouse Cherry MC 9620 FPS for FPS-fans

Mouse Cherry MC 9620 FPS for FPS-fans
Cherry MC 9620 FPS

Cherry company introduced their first gaming mouse: a manipulator called MC 9620 FPS is designed primarily for fans of first-person shooters.

It is argued that new gadget was created specifically for gamers. The mouse has a transformable design with the ability to change the position of the palm.

PixArt PMW-3360 optical sensor with resolution up to 12 000 DPI (dots per inch). The maximum acceleration is 50g, travel speed - up to 6.35 m/s.

It is possible to adjust the weight by three small weighing 5 grams each. The manipulator has a total of nine buttons. Reliable Omron switches are used in the main buttons.

Connection to the computer provided by wired USB interface; cable length is 2m. Guaranteed compatibility with Windows operating systems. Mouse dimensions - 128 × 68.5 × 39.5 mm.
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