Microsoft fixed a bug in Windows 10

Microsoft fixed a bug in Windows 10
Microsoft has finally released an update that fixes a bug that has been causing problems for Windows 10 users for the past few months. This is a problem with notifications about the state of the Internet connection that some users experienced after installing one of the cumulative updates for Windows 10.

Earlier this year, some Windows 10 users reported problems with their Internet connection. In some cases, a notification started appearing on the Windows 10 taskbar, informing you that there was no Network connection even when the connection was actually established. Initially, it was thought that the problem appears after installing Windows 10 May 2020 Update, but later the same error was found in some users of Windows 10 (1909) and earlier versions of the software platform.

Despite the apparent insignificance of the problem — it concerns only notifications about the connection status — it leads to disruption of a number of applications. The fact is that some applications, such as the Microsoft Store or Spotify, use the Windows API, which depends on the network connection status indicator in the taskbar. When the indicator indicates that there is no connection, these applications also go offline and cannot provide the user with functions that require an Internet connection.

Now Microsoft has started distributing a patch that fixes the mentioned problem. It is available as an optional update that can be downloaded via Windows update. After installing it, the Windows 10 build number will change to 19041.546, and the problem with notifications about no Internet connection will be resolved. In addition, this patch will be included as part of a cumulative update that will be released later in October as part of the Patch Tuesday program.
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