Micron is preparing to launch the NAND flash memory market expansion

Micron is preparing to launch the NAND flash memory market expansion
In the market of DRAM RAM, the American company Micron is one of the three monopolists, while in the market of NAND flash memory, it is trailing behind. Massive investments in Singapore, where Micron has been building a NAND memory base for over 15 years, were converted in 2019 into the company's third NAND factory in this state, and this is a chance to catch up with industry leaders Samsung, SK Hynix and the Kioxia/WD tandem.

It should be noted that the Singapore authorities are meeting Micron halfway and not only. Singapore has the lowest rating of the tax burden on investments and capital expenditures — 79 points on a 100-point scale, where the maximum tax on capital expenditures and investments in the United States is taken for 100 points. In Japan, by the way, the tax burden on capital expenditures is estimated at 99 points, and in South Korea-at 81 points. Singapore, as we can see, strives to remain attractive for foreign investment, which is what Micron uses.

Although Micron has a market share of only 11% in the NAND market, it has managed to master the most advanced and sophisticated production of 3D NAND memory. Since October last year, the company's Singapore enterprises have been mass-producing the densest 176-layer 3D NAND flash memory. Probably, this record will last for a couple of quarters, but it can be broken by Samsung, SK Hynix and even the Chinese company YMTC, which announced the imminent start of production of 196-layer 3D NAND.
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