LG has patented a smartphone with triple selfie camera

LG has patented a smartphone with triple selfie camera
LG triple selfie camera

The US patent and trademark office (USPTO) has granted LG a patent for a smartphone with an unusual configuration of the front and rear cameras.

The document has the generalized name "Mobile phone" (Mobile phone). The patent belongs to the class of design, so it contains only a description of the appearance of the device. Technical details, unfortunately, are not given.

Judging by the published images, the smartphone will receive a triple front camera. Moreover, its optical modules will be located in the holes directly in the display.

In the rear part of the body will accommodate a four-component camera. For now, however, it is not clear how many sensors LG intends to use in this unit. It is possible the camera will get three sensors and a flash.

A fingerprint scanner will also be placed at the back to identify users by fingerprints.It should be noted that while an unusual cell phone exists only on paper. When such a device may appear on the commercial market is not reported.
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