Lexar has released a 1 TB SD card

Lexar has released a 1 TB SD card
Lexar has released a 1 TB SD card

This achievement belongs to the Chinese company Longsys, which bought the Lexar brand from the American Micron Technology in 2017. A few years ago, another leader in the flash memory industry, the American SanDisk, demonstrated a prototype 1TB SD card, but never brought the finished product to market.

The record card is part of the Lexar Professional 633x SDHC and SDXC UHS-I family, which currently includes media of 16 GB or more. This card can offer a read speed of up to 95 MB/s and write speed of up to 70 MB / s, although only class V30 / U3 is specified in the specifications, guaranteeing a stable write speed of 30 MB/s.

"Almost fifteen years ago, Lexar announced a 1 GB SD card. Today we are pleased to present a 1 TB storage medium in the same convenient format. As consumers continue to need more memory for their cameras, the combination of high performance with the ability to save 1 TB of data will be in demand by content creators that shoot large amounts of highly detailed images and videos in 4K," said Joey Lopez, senior marketing Manager at Lexar.

As is often the case, the manufacturer expects to benefit from the leadership and uniqueness of the product, which will allow him to compensate for the investments made in technological progress. The cost of new items is significantly higher than the price of two cards of 512 GB. Lexar asks for the most capacious SD card $500, although the b&h store already offers it for $400, nevertheless it is more expensive than two 512-GB cards worth about $150 each in the same store. Well, for some, the added convenience may justify this Supplement, the rest just need to wait for the alignment of prices.
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