Japanese factory of Fujitsu taken by ON Semiconductor

Japanese factory of Fujitsu taken by ON Semiconductor
In 2014, the Japanese company Fujitsu Semiconductor began the process of abandonment of ownership of semiconductor plants. Fujitsu cannot afford to have its own production. In the late summer of 2014 Fujitsu divided the plants in two subsidiaries: one company received a 300-mm plant in Mie Prefecture, and the second became the owner of 150-mm and 200-mm factories in Aizu (Aizu-Wakamatsu). The plant in Mie, recently passed into full ownership of the Taiwanese company UMC. On the 150-mm production request was not received from anyone, but the 200-mm plant was sold to the American company ON Semiconductor.

ON Semiconductor

By agreement in August 2014, ON Semiconductor company received the rights of gradual purchase of shares of the 200 mm plant in Aizu. The first transaction was the acquisition of 10% of the company's shares, and on this basis in June 2015 Fujitsu's factory in Aizu began to work for ON Semiconductor as a contract production. Another 30% of the plant's shares were sold to the Americans in April 2018, and from October 1, 2018 ON Semiconductor bought another 20% of shares, increasing the share of securities in the 200th Fujitsu Semiconductor plant to 60%. Thus, ON Semiconductor gained almost complete control over the enterprise and the right to rename the plant Aizu Fujitsu Semiconductor Manufacturing Limited to ON Semiconductor Aizu Co.
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