Intel introduced a new generation of Core-X

Intel introduced a new generation of Core-X
Intel Core-X

In addition to Coffee Lake Refresh processors for the mass market segment, Intel at today's event introduced a new generation of high-performance desktop processors Core-X. this generation is called Basin Falls Refresh, although Intel itself classifies it to the Skylake-X family.

The new generation of Core-X includes processors with the number of cores from eight to eighteen. All of them support Hyper-Threading technology. One of the important differences from last year's models are higher clock frequencies, reaching 4.5 GHz in Turbo 3.0 mode (two cores) in most models.

But not only these interesting novelties. Intel has decided to provide each of its new Core-X with a full set of PCIe lines. Now even the Core i7-9800X offers 44 lines, and together with the Intel x299 chipset the entire platform provides 68 PCIe lines. Also, all new processors have a four-channel memory controller DDR4, which supports memory up to 2666 MHz without overclocking. Supported also drives Intel Optane.

Interestingly, the Basin Falls Refresh processors offer varying capacity of the cache memory of the third level in the calculation on one core. So, the senior 18-core Core I9-9980XE offers the former 24.75 MB cache of the third level, that is 1,375 MB per core. At the same time, eight-core i7-9800X cache size is 16.5 MB, which gives a little more than 2 MB per core. It is interesting that Intel has decided to release two 10-core models that differ in the volume of the cache, as well as clock speeds and price.

According to Intel, the flagship 18-core I9-9980XE surpasses the 32-core AMD Ryzen Threadripper 2990wx processor in performance and yet has a smaller TDP. For example, in rendering 3D graphics in Autodesk Maya, Intel is 27% faster, in rendering video in Adobe Premiere Pro — 108% faster, and in creating games in the Unreal Engine — 13% faster.

You can purchase new Intel Core-X processors in November this year. The recommended cost of new products is in the range of $589 for Core i7-9800X to $1979 for Core I9-9980XE.
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