Intel does not plan to stop the development of 10-nm

Intel does not plan to stop the development of 10-nm

Today, the resource SemiAccurate published information that Intel will abandon the further development of its 10-nm technological process, with the development of which the company had many difficulties. However, Intel hastened to assure the public that such statements are not true, and it does not refuse from the 10-nm technological process.

Moreover, the company said that it has made considerable progress in the development of 10-nm production technology. It was also noted that the process of debugging production is going according to the schedule, which the company published in its last report. Recall that Intel plans to start mass production of 10-nm processors by the end of next year or by the beginning of 2020.

However, both Intel and SemiAccurate can be right at the same time. The thing is that in its material SemiAccurate points to the 10-nm processors Cannon Lake and notes that they are likely to never go into mass production. As you know, the only representative of this family, Core i3-8121U, turned out not the most successful processor and is available limited. In turn, Intel itself talks about 10-nm processors in General, without specifying the names of the families. It turns out that the words SemiAccurate can only concern the Cannon Lake family, while Intel can only miss the failed Cannon Lake family.

That's why it remains to be seen whether Intel's 10Nm process technology will be the same as it was announced in 2017. After all, the company has not finished the work yet, and may well make some changes that will facilitate the production process. And it can affect the characteristics of future processors.

But despite any difficulties, Intel, according to her, continues to work and gradually brings its 10-nm technology to mind. Perhaps some new details about the work in the direction of the 10-nm process will be disclosed in the next Intel report, which is expected on October 25.
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