Google has expanded the functions of the Stadia game controller

Google has expanded the functions of the Stadia game controller
Google has expanded the controller capabilities for its Stadia cloud gaming service. The device is equipped with a USB Type-C connector, which until recently served only one function — it was used for charging. Now you can also use it to connect additional gaming peripherals.

In its official blog, Google announced that it is now possible to connect gaming headsets to the USB Type-C connector if the device is used in conjunction with Google Chromecast or a web browser. Not only wired solutions are supported, but also wireless solutions that include a USB Type-C module for signal reception and transmission. The controller itself does not support Bluetooth audio transmission, but Google indicates that such support will also appear in the future.

Recall that the Stadia controller is also equipped with a 3.5 mm audio Jack, to which you can connect headsets and headphones. But given that more and more device manufacturers are abandoning this connector and shifting its functions to USB Type-C, the number of people who use USB Type-C as the main standard for connecting various peripherals is also growing.

Google also announced that the controller can be used in the new and still experimental Tandem Mode, which allows you to connect additional devices via the same USB Type-C connector. For example, another game controller. Currently, Tandem Mode supports controllers such as the Xbox One Controller, Xbox Adaptive Controller, Xbox Elite Controller (1st and 2nd series), and Dualshock 4. the host controller connects to the cloud via Wi-Fi.
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