Dell designs a laptop with two displays

Dell designs a laptop with two displays
Dell laptop with two displays

The office of the United States patent and trademark office (USPTO) published patent documents Dell with a description of a very curious portable computer.

The document is entitled "Information handling system with multiple detachable displays". We are talking about a laptop with two full removable screens.

When folded, the display modules will be fixed above and below the base with the keyboard (see illustrations). Thus, a three-component design is provided for the laptop.

In operating mode, the screens are installed above the keyboard, forming a large working area. The displays can display a single image or independent application Windows.

It is interesting that one of the displays can be installed on the back side of the user: in this configuration, you can, for example, make presentations to the audience or organize group views of video materials.

The patent application was filed in June 2017, but the document was published only now. When an unusual laptop may appear on the commercial market, not reported.
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