DDR4 memory overclocked to 5566 MHz

DDR4 memory overclocked to 5566 MHz
DDR4 memory overclocked to 5566 MHz

Hong Kong overclocker with the pseudonym Hocayu set a new record of overclocking DDR4 memory, forcing it to work with a frequency of 5566 MHz. This result was already proven and has headed a rating of HWBot

The experiment used a single Trident Z RGB memory module, which was cooled with liquid nitrogen. Memory timings during overclocking were CL24-31-31-63 ahhh! The company module was the processor Core i7-8700K, which for stable operation remained active only two cores, and its clock frequency was lowered to 1.6 GHz.

The basis of the stand for overclocking was a new motherboard ASUS ROG Maximux XI Gene on chipset Intel Z390. New platforms often allow you to set new overclocking records due to various optimizations and improvements made by developers. Therefore, perhaps soon we will see new memory overclocking records achieved with the help of new coffee Lake Rafresh processors.

In the end, we note that the frequency of memory modules is steadily increasing. DDR4 modules with a frequency of 3200 MHz can already be considered the minimum for gaming systems. And in the coming years, the market should have memory standard DDR5, which will bring even greater frequency potential.
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