Cooler Master MWE Gold: six new devices

Cooler Master MWE Gold: six new devices
Cooler Master MWE Gold

Range of power supplies Cooler Master has added a new power supply with a nominal value of 550 to 750 W, combined in a series of MasterWatt Gold MWE. As you might guess, all members of the family are marked with 80 PLUS Gold certificate and addressed to users who need power supplies of medium power with high efficiency. Cooler Master itself evaluates the typical level of efficiency of new products in 90 %, regardless of the model.

Cooler Master MWE Gold devices for 550, 650 and 750 W will be available at retail in two versions — with unconnectable cables and the possibility of individual connection of each cable. The differences in the" filling " of the power supply units of both types are extremely small and affect only the area of the auxiliary Board with power connectors. For MWE the Gold claimed compliance with the standard ATX12V v2.31, there is an active corrector of power factor, topology Full Bridge LLC DC–DC Converter, synchronous rectifier, protection system against short circuit, overheating, overvoltage and under voltage, and over power. It is worth noting that the operation of the PSU at full power is guaranteed at ambient temperature up to 45 °C.

Calculate the load for each block of the MWE Gold series is not difficult. All six models allow the same line load +12 V, which is specified as the nominal (i.e. from 550 to 750 W, depending on the PSU). In turn, the lines + 3.3 V and +5 V are designed for a maximum of 100 watts. The allowable range of input voltage is from 100 to 240 watts. The confidence of Cooler Master in the content of MWE Gold devices is indirectly evidenced by the 5-year warranty period.

The power units of the PSU are blown by a 120mm Silencio fan on the Loop Dynamic Bearing (LDB). On average, it is designed for 160 thousand hours of trouble-free operation.

Cables at Cooler Master MWE Gold flat, black. The 650 and 750 W models have single ATX, EPS12V and FDD Power connectors, four "6 + 2"-pin PCI-E Power, six 4-pin Molex and eight SATA Power. Accordingly, 550-W power supplies (modular and non-modular) do not have half of PCI-E Power and Molex 4-pin connectors, while the rest are present in the same amount.

Only devices with detachable cables are currently available at retail. In the American online store Newegg 550-watt unit is estimated at $80, 650-watt - $90, and 750-watt - $110. Sales tax is not included in the price.
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