ASUS releases ZenGimbal stabilizer

ASUS releases ZenGimbal stabilizer
The growing popularity of mobile photo and video shooting encourages high-tech companies to produce Steadicam-class devices designed to stabilize smartphones and GoPro action cameras during dynamic shooting. The first such device called ZenGimbal is released on the market by ASUS, which has created a compact device with a unique mechanism that provides not only high-quality shooting, but also comfort when storing and transporting the Steadicam. The low power consumption and capacious battery ensures long battery life of the ZenGimbal.

The design of the ZenGimbal Steadicam has three hinges that allow the device to be folded to a compact size, allowing you to carry it in a pocket or a small special case. Autonomous operation is provided by a 3500 mAh battery that allows you to work up to 10 hours without recharging. The battery charge level is monitored by led sensors.

Steadicam for mobile shooting ZenGimbal supports several shooting modes, including full 360-degree circular panoramic shooting without "blind spots". Implemented support for sports mode, as well as POV mode and a function with a fixed rotation of 45° to stabilize the smartphone and implement the reception called "Dutch" angle. Using a special bar on the ZenGimbal, you can install GoPro action cameras. You can order an ASUS ZenGimbal device now for $ 161.
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