ASUS: motherboards on Intel Z390 will provide overclocking above 5 GHz

ASUS: motherboards on Intel Z390 will provide overclocking above 5 GHz
ASUS motherboards on Intel Z390

In a few days, on October 8, motherboard manufacturers will present their products based on the new chipset Intel Z390. And now companies are trying to draw attention to their future innovations. For example, ASUS has promised that its new motherboards will have outstanding overclocking capabilities.

The Taiwanese manufacturer claims that with its next-generation motherboards, processors can easily reach frequencies of 5.0 GHz or higher. And this applies to all the cores, which the new coffee Lake Refresh processors will have up to eight pieces.

In addition to high-frequency processors, ASUS also promises that its new motherboards will be able to provide high-speed DDR4 memory. Declared frequency 4266 and above, and even in cases where all four slots are occupied DIMM.

Thanks to leaks, we've seen some ASUS motherboard, a new generation of Intel Z390. In particular, the ROG Maximus XI motherboards, which are supposed to provide the maximum performance of processor and memory frequencies, received enhanced power subsystems and a number of other improvements. We also remind that ASUS will add support for non-standard RAM modules of increased capacity to its new boards.
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