ASRock has officially unveiled the motherboard on chipset Intel Z390

ASRock has officially unveiled the motherboard on chipset Intel Z390
Z390 Phantom Gaming

has become the first motherboard manufacturers, formally presented the product on a new chipset of system logic of Intel Z390. The announcement of new products was to be held on October 8, when the boards of other manufacturers will be presented, but ASRock decided to do it before everyone else.

Presented motherboards are primarily focused on use with processors Intel Core 9, which will be officially presented this month. But in addition to them, the Intel z390 boards will be able to work with Intel Core 8th generation processors. In both cases, of course, we are talking about the chips in the housing LGA 1151.

Perhaps the key feature of all new ASRock products is their enhanced power subsystems. The older new products, and this - Z390 Phantom Gaming 6 and 9, Taichi and Taichi Ultimate, they have 12 phases and one 4 - and 8-pin connector EPS 12V to power the processor. In turn, motherboards Z390 Phantom Gaming SLI/ac and SLI, as well as Phantom Gaming 4 have 10 power phases and one 8-pin connector EPS 12V. Finally, due to its compact size, the Z390 Phantom Gaming-ITX/ac offers the least impressive power subsystem with only 7 phases.

Another remarkable feature of the Phantom Gaming series cards will be their non-standard network interface. Instead of the usual controller with a capacity of 1 Gbit / s, a new Ethernet controller Realtek Dragon RTL8125AG with a speed of up to 2.5 Gbit / s is used here.

Board z390 Taichi offers two Gigabit interface, and the model Taichi Ultimate — two Gigabit, and one 10 GB/s. In addition, all the older new products have wireless network interfaces.

The rest of the new items are similar to their predecessors on the chipset Intel Z370. All boards are equipped with an external clock generator ASRock BCLK, and all declared support for memory with frequencies 4266 MHz and higher. Also on all new products there are ports USB 3.1 Type-a and Type-C, and, of course, all boards, except the z390 Phantom Gaming 4, are equipped with LED RGB-backlight and connectors for connecting external led strips.

Unfortunately, neither the cost nor the launch date of motherboards on Intel z390 chipset ASRock company was not was published.
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