Apple released iPhone Xs and Xs Max

Apple released iPhone Xs and Xs Max
The X series was start of new era for Apple and renouncement of old look of their iPhone phones. Design change and new capabilities of mobile phones in this series can be called revolutionary. Home buttons are no longer there, just like the fingerprint scanner. Instead, only the speaker and Face ID.

Phone Xs and Xs Max

Presented to the public today, the iPhone Xs and the giant Xs Max are the successors of the new direction in the design of the X series.

Appearance of the iPhone Xs is no different from the original X model - here you will find all the same steel case and frameless glass screen. The iPhone Xs Max is different from them with its huge 6.5 inch display.

The full gold color of the case is added to the lineup!

The size of the iPhone Xs Max is similar to the iPhone 8 Plus, but the screen is actually bigger because of the lack of a Home button.

All new iPhone models operate at a frequency of 120 hertz, which improves image quality.

Smartphones are based on the new 7 nm processors Apple A12 Bionic.
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