Announced the debut of the golden power supply be quiet! Pure Power 11

Announced the debut of the golden power supply be quiet! Pure Power 11
be quiet! Pure Power 11

German company be quiet! will present a series of ATX-compatible power supplies Pure Power 11, which will include devices with modular cable connection (Pure Power 11 CM), as well as more affordable in terms of the PSU with unconnectable cables (actually Pure Power 11). Potential buyers will be offered units with a nominal value of 300 to 700 watts. Note that among them only 400-, 500 -, 600-and 700-watt models have two versions. Conventional and CM (cable management) versions differ from each other not only in the configuration of power cables, but also in the color of the fan housing.

According to tradition, new items are mainly made in black. Another common in power supplies be quiet! detail-fan grille in the form of longitudinal bars. The "propeller" corresponds to a size of 120 mm To improve the cooling efficiency for Pure Power 11 (CM) is used the relief of the fan impeller. Dimensions of power supplies are 150 or 160 mm in length (modular PSU larger than counterparts), 150 mm in width and 86 mm in height.

In an effort to ensure a sufficient level of competitiveness of Junior models of PSU Pure Power 11 300 and 350 W, specialists be quiet! they did not bring their efficiency to compliance with the "gold" certificate 80 PLUS. This Duo is limited to the 80 PLUS Bronze insignia, while other members of the Pure Power 11 (CM) family can boast a more prestigious 80 PLUS Gold. Considering the power supply is endowed with an active mechanism of correction of the power factor, a DC–DC Converter, a protection node of BP against short circuit, overheating, overvoltage and undervoltage, overcurrent and excess capacity. The 300 W model can withstand the load on the +12V line up to 24 A / 288 W, and the flagship units Pure Power 11 700W and Pure Power 11 CM 700W-within 56 A/672 W.

For power cable be quiet! not stingy: first, absolutely all devices are equipped with"4 + 4 "-pin EPS12V, and secondly, 600-and 700 - W models have two cables (four connectors) PCI-E Power" 6 + 2 " contact. By the way, documentation with a detailed description of new power supplies Pure Power 11 (CM) is in the public domain.
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