AMD will unveil the successor to Radeon RX 570

AMD will unveil the successor to Radeon RX 570
Radeon RX 570

AMD plans to release a new Polaris graphics processor and graphics card based on it by the end of this year. Now the resource PCOnline, referring to sources in the staff of video card manufacturers, said that the graphics card based on the GPU Polaris 30 will be presented in mid-October.

According to the source, the first graphics card based on the new GPU with the code name Polaris 30 will be the successor of Radeon RX 570. Unfortunately, it is still unknown what exactly such video cards will be called. However, it is reported that the GPU of the new graphics card, as in the case of Radeon RX 570, will offer 2048 streaming processors. However, Polaris will have a 30 higher clock frequencies, as will be produced for 12 nm, not for 14-nm process as current GPUs Polaris.

The volume of video memory GDDR5 promising new products will be the same 8 GB, and they will be connected to the GPU on a 256-bit bus. Unfortunately, there are no details about the performance of the expected solution yet, but most likely, the increase compared to the predecessor will not be very noticeable, about the same as the difference between Radeon RX 470 and RX 570. The price of the new graphics card is expected at the level of Radeon RX 570 - about $200. Sales should start very soon - between 12 and 15 October.

AMD is going to release a successor for Radeon RX 580, which will be built on the full version of Polaris 30 with 2304 stream processors. It is reported that this video card will be released in November, and it will cost about the same as now costs Radeon RX 580 with 8 GB of memory.

The source noted that the architecture of the new GPU will not change, and all the improvements will be achieved only through the transition to a new workflow. New graphics cards will allow AMD to strengthen its position in the middle price segment, because NVIDIA offers only Pascal generation graphics cards, and devices of the Turing brand should appear not earlier than next year.
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