AMD introduced Ryzen mobile 3000 - a new generation of processors

AMD introduced Ryzen mobile 3000 - a new generation of processors
Ryzen mobile 3000

Despite the fact that AMD is waiting for information about plans for future processor and graphics architectures Zen 2 and Navi, the first announcements of the company at CES 2019 are dedicated to the new mobile APU, which does not carry any breakthrough innovations. The new products announced today belong to the Picasso class and represent the second generation of Ryzen Mobile-processors with integrated graphics for Windows-laptops of different classes, from gaming to thin and light ultrabooks.

Presented mobile processors open a series of Ryzen Mobile 3000, which emphasizes the superiority of new products over mobile Raven Ridge, which formed the family Ryzen Mobile 2000. At the same time, despite such a big step in the model rooms, new items do not differ from their predecessors by some significant improvements and have the same basic design. In fact, they represent a transfer of the past generation of Ryzen Mobile to a 12nm process technology and offer up to four Zen+ processor cores and a Radeon Vega graphics core with no more than 10 compute units (CU).

The new family includes several processors with a thermal package of 15 or 35 W, which improve the frequency of Ryzen Mobile two thousandth series. Characteristics of new products are given in the table.

The new Ryzen Mobile processor lineup includes a pair of Ryzen 7 Quad-core processors, a pair of Ryzen 5 Quad-core processors, and a pair of Ryzen 3. At the same time, Ryzen 7 and Ryzen 5 additionally offer SMT support, which allows two compute threads to run on the same core. At the same time, Ryzen 3 3300U also has four cores, but SMT does not support, and Ryzen 3 3200U has SMT, but has only two compute cores. In addition, the new family has a cheap dual-core processor Athlon 300U with support for SMT.

In addition to differentiation to support SMT, a new Mobile Ryzen 3000 different configuration integrated graphics. In particular, Ryzen 7 have graphic core Radeon Vega with 10 compute units (CU) and 640 unified shaders, while at Ryzen 5 graphics Vega operates only 8 CU and 512 shaders. In the simpler Ryzen 3 3300U, the CU number is reduced to 6 pieces, and in Ryzen 3 3200U and Athlon 300U, the Vega graphics has only 3 compute units.
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