Amazon will use artificial intelligence cameras to monitor vans and drivers

Amazon will use artificial intelligence cameras to monitor vans and drivers
Amazon plans to use artificial intelligence cameras to monitor drivers engaged in delivering orders. The Driveri camera and software platform provided by Netradyne can detect traffic violations or inappropriate driver behavior and issue appropriate warnings. The system will also collect data that Amazon can use later to evaluate drivers.

"We are investing in the security of our operations and have recently begun implementing industry — leading camera-based security technology throughout our delivery fleet," Amazon spokeswoman Deborah Bass said in a statement. — This technology will provide drivers with real-time alerts to help them stay safe when they are on the road."

The company expects to reduce the number of road accidents and manifestations of risky behavior of drivers. To this end, four high-resolution cameras continuously capture what is happening, including the driver's behavior.

The system does not allow real-time monitoring of drivers, but a special security team will be able to study the footage later. Violations, including speeding, cause audible alerts, and actions such as sudden braking or riding without a seat belt cause the footage to be uploaded without warning. The driver can also click the button to force you to start recording in case of an accident.

By the way, Amazon already uses cameras in long-distance trucks to monitor whether drivers are distracted from driving. Other delivery companies, including UPS, have also tested similar technology.
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